File://maniac is a puzzle game where the interactions are made in the directory of the game. Explore the game folders, move and modify the files trying to find the criminal mind that created the “game”. The game is the pilot episode of a series set in a cyberpunk future where a special investigative division of the police performs extensive research on the profiles of criminal minds by sending agents into their subconscious. The player controls a special agent facing his hard daily routine. He's investigating the mind of a criminal trying to extract as many information as possible without getting stuck losing his mind forever. Take a sip of a hot black coffee and immerse yourself in this meta-experience with a Blade Runner flavor as an aftertaste.


File://maniac was born during the Global Game Jam '19 where the theme was: "What does home means to you". After a long brainstorming and ideas thrown away, something came up to our minds: what meaning could "home" have for a serial killer? From that frame of a concept, we started to think about how to develop the theme. After several hours on the clock we prototyped a virtual escape room where the player needed to delete and modify the game files in order to succeed. During the event, the game attracted so much interest that we decided to work on an updated version of that prototype.


The game is available on:


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Original Soundtrack (OST)
Composed by Eugenio Scaglione. Listen for free at: